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Are You Ready for a Spandex Brief of Your Own?

The Spandex brief has actually been around for quite some time. These are basically the same things as Speedos, which first started in 1914. At that time, they carried the brand name of Fortitude. This name was chosen because it was part of the motto of the MacRae clan crest. You see, Fortitude was begun by a young Scotsman named Alexander MacRae.  It was in 1910 that MacRae moved to Australia and launched business manufacturing underwear. This company was known as MacRae Hosiery. Due to the rapidly expanding beach culture in that country, he quickly added swimwear to what his company manufactured. This brought about a name change to MacRae Knitting Mills.

Speedo is the name of a Spandex brief, or racing brief, and refers to any style of brief swimsuits for men. You see these a lot when watching diving and swimming competitions. They’re so popular that, although the name Speedo is a brand, the name has become synonymous with any racing brief no matter who manufactured it. The name came about in 1928 when MacRae introduced Australia to the Racerback swimsuit. This let the swimmer move more freely and allowed them to swim faster. Captain Parsons, a staff member of MacRae Knitting Mills came up with the slogan, “Speed on in your Speedos.” Thus, the name was born.

It wasn’t until 1959 that the Spandex brief, Speedo, was brought to the United States. It was also at this time that a new International Division was formed at MacRae’s. This division supervised the markets in South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand. The growth of the popularity of the Speedo gained rocket speed during the 1960’s. The 1968 Mexico Olympics watched as 27 of the 29 gold medal winners were wearing Speedos. On top of that, 22 of the 23 swimmers that set world records were wearing Speedos.

It was during the 1970’s that Speedo started making their swimwear out of Spandex, and this is still the most popular fabric to make swimsuits from today. The Spandex brief is now everywhere. They may not be manufactured by the original Speedo factory, but that’s what everyone thinks the first time they see these swimsuits. Therefore, this has become the generic name for any type of swimming briefs made from Spandex.

Speedo chose to bring in the 21st century in a huge way by introducing the FASTSKIN swimsuit. This is a sharkskin based style that has won awards and was immediately embraced by famous swimmers. The FASTSKIN swimsuit was well broken in during the 2000 Sydney Olympics with 13 out of 15 World Records broken by swimmers wearing this new suit.

As time went on, the Speedo Company went from their very popular Spandex brief style of swimsuit and branched out into many other revolutionary swimsuit designs and fabric. They continue to be the leading manufacturer of racer style swimsuits. Any man that is serious about his swimming career will see that Speedo swimsuits are the way to go.

So what if you’re not a champion swimmer or you don’t really swim much at all? That’s perfectly fine. If you like going to the beach or sunning yourself by the pool, you’re still entitled to wear any type of swimsuit you want. You don’t HAVE to be a competitive swimmer to wear a Spandex brief like a Speedo. You can choose to look hot in one just to lie out in the sun and do some serious tanning.

The most important thing you need to deal with in choosing to wear a Speedo is whether or not you have the confidence and the body to pull it off. You need to understand that these swimsuits are called “briefs” for a reason. There’s very little material involved in making a Speedo style swimsuit, so if you’re not comfortable with being 98 percent nude, you better choose a different type of swimsuit. You might enjoy some board shorts. These will cover up quite a bit of legs and you can always add a t-shirt if you want. In that way, you can feel comfortable on the beach or by the pool because you’re almost fully dressed. Don’t expect to get much in the way of a tan, but your body will be hidden from view for the most part.

A Spandex brief is meant for guys that are completely comfortable with the way their bodies look. Think about the last time you saw a man wearing a Speedo. He wasn’t hunched over and racing to get into the water so no one would notice him now was he? In fact, he was probably strolling quite confidently across the sand down to the water’s edge. He may have even been strutting just a bit as he walked with that attitude that says “I know I look good.” This is the kind of assurance that you need to have when you decide to start wearing a Speedo swimsuit because if you’re not comfortable and confident of yourself, it’s definitely going to show.

You should never force yourself to wear a Spandex brief. Any swimsuit that you know you’re going to be wearing in public needs to feel as if it’s a part of you. It should be so comfortable both physically and mentally that you wear it like a second skin. You shouldn’t be paying any attention to the fact that you’re even wearing a swimsuit. It’s ok to notice how many envious and lustful stares you’re getting, though.

It’s worth mentioning that while you don’t need a completely perfect body, it’s better to have at least a decent one to successfully carry off the look of a Spandex brief. When you have a look at the Olympic swimmers and divers that wore Speedos when in competition, you probably couldn’t stop staring at their long and lean bodies. Swimmers and runners tend to have similar body types, both being more on the toned and hard side rather than the muscled type of body builders. Those body types are made to wear Speedos. The body builders can also certainly pull it, too. But be honest with yourself. If your body type is more of an overstuff sausage, you probably don’t want to wear a Speedo just yet. Give yourself time to work out a bit and diet to get off some of those fat rolls and tone up some. Then you’ll be ready to for a Spandex brief. Until then, however, do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and wear something that covers you up a bit more.

Now, for those of you that are ready to take the step into the world of Speedo swimsuits, your next decision is going to be where to shop to find the right one. There are many shops, stores, and boutiques in shopping malls and the downtown area of some bigger cities that carry all sorts of cool Speedo style swimsuits for men. If you live near some of those, you won’t have a problem finding just the perfect swimsuit.

On the other hand, many of you may live in rural areas, country settings and other “off the beaten path” locations. This presents a bit of an issue when it comes to finding locations that carry Spandex brief swimsuits for men. You’re going to have to travel some to reach somewhere that has these shops. If you live on the top of a mountain or out in the middle of nowhere, that may even take some planning to arrange transportation as well as deciding if you’re going to make it a day trip or a weekend shopping getaway. It can be done, of course, and can be quite a lot of fun to just get away from home for a couple of days to do something different in a new environment.

A completely different sort of situation is when you’re just getting comfortable with the whole idea of looking great enough to wear a Speedo, and you don’t really want anyone hanging around you while you try to sort through dozens and dozens of different Spandex brief swimsuits for men. You may as well face it; any shop or store you go into is going to have salespeople swarming around you trying to sell you something, ANYTHING, to make their commission. These people don’t care whether you truly look good in the swimsuit you’re trying on or not. They just want to be sure that you BUY something before you leave.

The solution for living in out of the way places as well as wanting to do your shopping in private is to use something that nearly everyone has today, or at least has access to. That “something” is a personal computer. There are so many different websites on the Internet that specialize in mens swimwear, and that includes the Spandex brief type, that there’s really no reason to ever leave your home to go shopping for them, unless you just want to. When you’re ready to purchase your first Speedo style swimsuit you’re going to want to be able to take your time and really look things over. It’s important that the selections you make are the best ones for you. This is a lot easier to figure out if you don’t have anyone standing over you trying to force something down your throat.

Enter koalaswim.com; the answer to your all of your mens swimwear needs. This website sells everything from smoking Spandex brief swimsuits to thongs to G-strings to fetish wear. If you’ve never spent any time with this website, you’re in for a real treat. Not only will you find everything you could possibly want to strut your stuff on the beach and by the pool, but you’ll find lots of eye candy in the models that display these items on their considerably sexy bodies.

Every item on koalaswim.com is created by professional designer Michael David. Michael brings his considerable talent and nearly 20 years of experience into each item he creates. No one can top Michael’s imagination as well as his unique designs. What you get from Michael’s designs is a true labor of love. He was introduced to his very first Spandex brief swimsuit in the form of a Speedo when he was a teenager. His fascination with the swimsuit led him to start designing his very own swimsuits for men. He never looked back once he started to create his own very innovative swimsuit styles. Even then, he knew that he had found his calling in life and never questioned it.

What you’ll see offered for sale on koalaswim.com is like nothing you’ll find anywhere else, although, there are, admittedly, thousands of websites similar to this one all over the Internet. Michael just has something different with his designs and this is something that you’re going to notice whether you’re looking for a Spandex brief swimsuit or something totally different. As Michael is a perfectionist in his work, he tries out all of his designs personally before ever releasing them to the public. Everything you find on koalaswim.com has been personally approved by Michael. If he doesn’t like something, he assumes that his customers won’t like it, either. So he keeps at it until it’s perfect. That’s why you can feel confident in purchasing items from this website. Your satisfaction is guaranteed in more ways than one.

One more thing about the swimsuits found on koalaswim.com is that they’re affordable. The very unique and high quality products you’ll find here, whether they’re a Spandex brief style swimsuit or a barely there G-string style, are going to be priced so that guys from all walks of life can afford to buy them. Michael wants his designs to be enjoyed and seen all over the world. That’s why he makes sure that any man interested in purchasing an item from his website will be able to do so.

Make sure you have plenty of time to spend at koalaswim.com. There’s so much to look at even if you know exactly what you want. Once you set eyes on those hot models, you’ll want to take your time moving through the site.

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